Fort Lauderdale Attractions

Courtesy of Stranahan House

Fort Lauderdale Attractions

Written by Julie Greiner

You are invited to a private world on the Fort Lauderdale beach, a stunning testament to another time. Bonnet House, a 35 acre subtropical estate, is a tribute to the history of old South Florida. This exclusive beachfront property was the winter residence of Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett, two artists whose delightful personal touches and unconventional small surprises are evident throughout the property. The estate was donated to the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation by Evelyn Bartlett in 1983. This wonderful house museum is open to the public through guided house tours and self-guided ground tours.

Historic Bonnet House

Whether you are interested in the architecture, the artwork, the orchids or the natural environment, Bonnet House is a special place to visit. Bonnet House is available for private parties, weddings, lectures, children's programs and social events are held throughout the year. Bonnet House is located between the beach and Intracoastal waterway, just south of Sunrise Boulevard and 900 North Birch Road in Fort Lauderdale. For information call 954-563-393. (Photos by Tony Branco)

Swap Shop and Circus

The Swap Shop, located in Fort Lauderdale, isCourtesy of Stranahan House known as Florida's greatest shopping and entertainment attraction! Located on 88 acres the Swap Shop has something for everyone. You can bring your family for a day of fun. The Haneford Family Circus is featured and performs one hour shows daily. The circus acts are from all over the world. Come see the dancing elephants, acrobats, marvelous magic acts, clowns, jugglers and so much more. Surrounding the main building the Swap Shop has amusement rides for the children of all ages. You can enjoy rides which range from the casual carousel ride to the ferris wheel which puts you high above the city of Fort Lauderdale. A Farmers Market located right around the corner can provide customers with delicious fruits and vegetables as well as fresh cut flowers and plants. Inside the 200,000 square foot air-conditioned entertainment center you can buy new items. The indoor pavilion is filled with fun things to do besides shopping, there is a giant video arcade, an international food court, face painting, clowns making balloon animals and elephantCourtesy of Stranahan House rides in the circus arena. If you seek the adventure of the hunt, you can find the treasure that you have been looking for. The Garage Sale area, located outside the pavilion, has everything from antiques to brand new items. Outside they have new and used items. It is the cheapest retail outlet in the world on Thursdays! If you have an entrepreneur's spirit and you would like to try your new business, then the Swap Shop is the prefect place. Thursdays are free for all Garage Sale Vendors who arrive early, making them the busiest retail outlet in the world by 8 a.m. In the evening come enjoy the Swap Shop's 13-screen drive-in theater. Set up your lawn chairs, blankets and pillows and bring the whole family to see first run movies for a fraction of the price. Children under 11 years of age are free. The Swap Shop has something for everyone. For more information call 954-791-7927.

Stranahan House A Southern Mansion

Step inside the Stranahan House and you take a step back in time. It was aCourtesy of Stranahan House time when Indians paddled up the New River to trade hides and pelts for cloth and sugar, and when people traveled by foot, horse or boat. The white population in the New River settlement totaled three. The trading post residence, restaurant, the Stranahan House, now an historical museum, was all of these; most importantly, it was a gathering place for businessmen, travelers, neighbors. Restored to its original configuration in 1984 by the Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors, the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society, and the community, the Stranahan House is once again serving as a business and social focal point for the people of the city. Today's business leaders and other community members find the House provides a unique setting for their meetings, private luncheons, dinner parties and socials. So the next time you're looking for that "special" place to host a gathering of friends or business associates, call the Stranahan House. If only for a few hours, you can step back in time. We promise you, it will be a most memorable occasion. For more information call: 954-524-4736.

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